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Introducing Sync Routine Framework

Ayush Chauhan
April 3rd, 2020 · 2 min read

Introducing Sync Routine Framework

Sync Routine framework is to create awareness of your well being and not to lose your sht in the giant space time continuum and even plan your days ahead.
Critical awareness is vital to handle sh
t because it gives us the ability to zoom out and have a outlook on what’s going on and what needs to be done.

Is this for you?

  • Do you work from home most of the time?
  • Are you a Student?
  • Are you someone with lot of time and goals but don’t know how to manage stuff.

If yes this framework is definitely for you and will help you a lot.

Tune in 🎶

Requirements -

  1. Account

Cutting Hardware use?

No worries

  1. 2 Chart Papers or 8 A4 Size Papers
  2. Sticky notes
  3. Pencil/Pens Accordingly ;p

Some Keywords and Their meaning here -

  • Tasks - Tasks are your agenda of work divided in bits and pieces in Pomodoro technique (traditionally something that can be completed within 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks)

  • Regime - Your Work Line-up excluding your daily routine ( i.e. taking bath, cooking etc.)

  • Time Slot - Regime is divided in four Time Slots. Time Slots are 2 Hour duration where you spend your time focused and only on your work. All time slots have a gap of at least an Hour. Divide your 24 Hours - Routine Hours including sleep and all daily work and divide it to your style when you wake up.

    • Time Slot 1 - This time slot is the most important time where you “Sync” your Dashboards and plan ahead. This involves setting up your other Time Slots and Antedates in the next setting. However this is kept at the last bottom left corner to lessen the anxiety occurred by amount of work and Not to have your whole day wasted “Sync”.
      Moreover this work is meant to be set Asynchronously.
    • Time Slot 2, 3 & 4 - These are the time slots where you actually get your tasks executed one by one and follow Pomodoro with timed breaks.
  • Antedate - (precede in time; come before (something) in date.) is your space divided in four slots/parts, Today, Tomorrow, Tomorrow++, Stack. These are clear by meaning but let me introduce you to all of them.

    • Today consists goals to be done today, Tasks here are integrated bits and pieces of the tasks used in our regime to share a bigger goal and perspective.
    • Tomorrow and Tomorrow++ respectively consists the goals for tomorrow and day after tomorrow.
    • Stack is used to manage goals that are definite but are not scheduled.

There we go with Terminologies, Let’s get Started with it asap.

1. Getting Started on Framework with Notion


Alt-Text- Showing off easy peasy steps to duplicate a page on notion.

Duplicate Sync Routine Notion Page from here.

2. Getting Started in Real World ;p


Alternative text - Showing off the tools.

  1. Grab Two Chart Papers and divide both of them in four Parts. Or you can just have 8 A4 Size Papers


Alternative text - ChartPapers divided in four parts.

  1. Mark Regime with your time Slots.

These are my time slots, Depending on when I wake up, do my daily tasks and get started to face the world and hit bull’s eye.


Alternative text - Regime marked with time slots divided in four parts.

  1. Create Antedate with your


Alternative text - Regime marked with time slots divided in four parts.

  1. Voila, You’ve a framework to get your life back on track.


I’ve been using this tool from 2 years to get my life back on track after a long ride fighting the cruelty of the world and some within. Let me know how this helped you or what did not worked.

Thanks for tuning in, Can’t wait to see you achieve more. This blog was made with Help of Notion, TechSmith Snagit and Camstasia.

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