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Take your cow anywhere with Azure functions

Ayush Chauhan
November 23rd, 2018 · 1 min read

Hayy!!, Do want to have a pet to go everywhere from your webapps to chatbots to arduino screens to terminals? Let’s code..

no animals were harmed while writing this blog or the code. ;p beware of some cancerous puns coming at you..

In this blog we will write a server side code which responds to HTTP request with QueryParameters of text which responds with a cow echoing the request, or mooing to be specific ;p


  1. We are setting up an API (serverside application)which responds with a ASCII art of cow saying what you sent in QueryString .
  2. npm i -s cowsay
  3. context.res(cowsay.say());


that’s hello in cow language

Being an Indian I recently had a chance to interview cow at my nearest where I booked a place to heaven and got some answers to Q# tools and latest news about taimur .

Cow whispered that she loves bing wallpapers and wants to explore internet. I thought why not having her everywhere and then I met cowsay.

I thought hay, why not having cow over cloud to let #er explore.

Alright let’s get the cow to touch skies.


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